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Conflict Resolution and De-escalation Skills for Police (LE-C03)

PURPOSE OF COURSE: This 8-hour program has been designed to help Officers integrate communication skills and conflict resolution strategies to De-escalate or avoid conflicts in their work environment.

COURSE OVERVIEW: This course combines adult learning methods to provide a blended learning experience for students including lectures, individual and partner exercises, group learning, and scenario-based role-play exercises.  This course has been designed to provide officers tools to:

  1. Reduce the probability of conflict during interactions with others.

  2. De-escalate conflict where possible.

  3. Identify individuals who are in crisis and the possible causes of that crisis.

  4. Strategies to de-escalate conflict with those who are in crisis.

COURSE GOALS:    The goals of this course are to:

  1. Identify the skills required to engage in de-escalation and conflict resolution.

  2. Identify the role of emotional intelligence in conflict resolution and de-escalation.

  3. The role of emotions in driving the behavior of both the officer and other people.

  4. Identify the role of communication in conflict resolution and de-escalation.

  5. Demonstrate active and reflective listening skills.

  6. Practice Messaging and identify the importance of structuring the message for the listener.

  7. Identify the 5 different conflict resolution strategies.

  8. Demonstrate an ability to use each of those strategies appropriately.

  9. Identify signs and indications of resistive behavior.

  10. Discuss and practice conflict resolution skills in the context of Officer Safety and defensive positioning.

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