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Communication Skills for Police (LE-C02)

PURPOSE OF COURSE: This 8-hour program has been designed to help Officers identify and cultivate good verbal and written communication skills.

COURSE OVERVIEW: This course combines adult learning methods to provide a blended learning experience for students including lecture, individual and partner exercises, group learning, and scenario-based role-play exercises. The primary focus of the course will be to provide practical skills that the student can use to aid in communicating.

COURSE GOALS:    The goals of this course are to:

  1. Identify the methods of communication and their proper use.

  2. Demonstrate active and reflective listening skills.

  3. Practice Messaging and identify the importance of structuring the message for the listener.

  4. Identify the components of conversational communication and how to use them to improve effectiveness.

  5. Discuss how to deliver different messages related to daily work.

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